Resolutions Reflections Part I

I survived my first week of January resolutions! Here’s a recap of the goals I’m focusing on this month, in case you need a reminder.

Waking up early has been a great experience so far. I actually woke up early Wednesday-Friday, but I only did the Miracle Morning (MM) routine on Wednesday and Thursday. The MM consists of 6 activities — Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Journaling — which really do help to center you and get your day started on the right foot. But Friday morning I didn’t have my daughter (she spent the night with Grammy), and when I woke up, my anxiety just would not let me settle into a MM. I was too anxious to get started knocking out as much work as humanly possible while I was free to work without a two-year-old hanging off me!

Here are my MM journals from this week:

Wednesday, January 3rd

Here we are — my first Miracle Morning. I’m doing this January growth challenge with my LipSense upline to try to grow my business and work on personal development, and they have us reading this book (aptly called Miracle Morning), about getting your ass up out of bed and spending an hour in the morning just working on yourself.

There are six things I’m supposed to be doing every morning, for 10 minutes each — Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Journaling.

So… I’m at the journaling part. I already did the 10 minutes of silence, affirmations, and visualization — the three things (besides journaling) I was most excited for to get the day rolling. Starting any day out with ten minutes of silence instead of a fussing 2-year-old demanding pop-tarts sounds pretty good, right?

I was surprised — genuinely surprised — just how difficult it really was. I didn’t make it to ten minutes of silence. I mean, I did, I guess… it was silent the whole time I logged in to Facebook to print off some spreadsheets I meant to print yesterday. But I think that defeats the “quiet introspection” purpose of the exercise, does it not?

I guess I’m just not very used to silence anymore.

The affirmations and visualizations didn’t go as well as I had hoped, either. I have a list of affirmations I’ve been meaning to start doing every morning for a couple of months now, so I started by repeating those aloud, the way you’re supposed to. But I didn’t really feel anything, so I turned on my rear-facing camera (I’m in my office and don’t want to walk past the baby’s room again to get to a mirror) so I could say them while looking at myself, the way I’ve been told you’re supposed to.

I repeated my affirmations two more times, staring at myself awkwardly in the camera. I’ve heard this is typical — affirmations are actually difficult to implement and it’s weird and uncomfortable to tell yourself nice things into a mirror. So I’m going to keep with it. But I’m stuck on how to make that whole process take anything more than 2 or 3 minutes, tops. How many times am I supposed to repeat how awesome I am to myself? Apparently, ten minutes’ worth of times.

Visualization was more satisfying, but equally difficult to do for a full 10 minutes. I enjoyed looking at all the motivational coloring pages I’ve done lately, and pictures of my girls, and fantasizing about paying off all our debt. But the whole thing took about 3 minutes, so I don’t know… I guess I need more dreams or something.

I guess this wraps up my 10 minutes of journaling for today. Work in progress… hopefully tomorrow will be a little easier. Off to exercise — aka stretch because who in the world can do anything more than that at 7:00 in the morning? Not me, that’s who.

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, January 4th

Day 2 and I can honestly say that the part in the book about it “not really mattering” whether you get 4 or 8 hours of sleep is undoubtedly a lie. In Miracle Morning, the author argues that what matters most is your mindset when you go to bed and when you wake up — if your first thought upon opening your eyes is ugh, I don’t want to get out of bed, you’re literally resisting your life, he says.

Cool. On board.

So if you tell yourself before you go to bed that X number of hours of sleep isn’t going to be enough and you’re going to be so tired when you wake up, you will inevitably be tired, whether you got 4 hours of sleep or 8.

Made sense to me.

Well, last night I got caught up in a work assignment until around 10:30, and then I felt like I needed to “decompress” before I could fall asleep, and I ended up not being able to get to bed until nearly 1:00 AM.

Before bed, I told myself all that “I am so excited for the morning, I am going to get the perfect amount of sleep tonight and I’m going to feel great in the morning” noise the book recommended.

Spoiler alert — 6:45 AM came fast. I’m tired.

I wanted to go back to sleep (duh), but I listened to the book and decided to go try to take my Wake Up Level to the next level. I got up, got moving, turned on lights, brushed teeth, drank water, and so on. I’ve done my silence, visualizations, reading, and affirmations. Exercise will probably help a pinch but… I’m tired.

I feel groggy and not nearly as energized and amped as I did yesterday. I’m having a difficult time focusing or thinking clearly. I’m just flat-out tired.

I’ve always known I’m one of those people who truly needs their sleep. I need a full 8 hours to be a functional human being. So I think the plan is going to have to be absolutely no work after 8:00 PM so I can relax, unwind, and be ready for bed at a reasonable hour, like 10:30. Maybe I need to enforce a bedtime for myself, too — at 10:00, we go upstairs and get ready for bed, or something.

Nap time can’t come fast enough today.

Until tomorrow.


Well, that’s probably enough for this blog… I’m going to try to post more than just once a week so I can keep up-to-date on all the challenges I’ve taken on this month!


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