There’s no better time to get back into blogging than January 1, amirite?!

I just want to pop in to lay out a few of my BIG goals for 2018, which I’m going to document right here!

  • Did you know the average American carries around $20,000 in revolving credit card debt ALONE? That’s not including mortgages, car payments, or student loans. I’m pretty average, and I’m going to talk about how I’m accomplishing the goal of paying off ALL my family’s credit card debt in 2018!
  • Toward that goal, I’m going to get back to focusing on minimalism in my personal life. I’m kicking that off with a January Minimalism Challenge with my friend Libby, in a Facebook Group she’s admin-ing called Positive Space, Positive Mind, Positive Life!
  • I’m also doing a professional development course with my LipSense upline throughout the month of January, which I know is going to generate so much momentum (and I get cash rewards for completing the whole course, so that’s extra motivation for sticking with it!)
  • And speaking of cash motivation… I’m considering signing up for a program that pays you money for losing weight! You bet yourself that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight within 6 months or more, and if you win, then you can double your money (or more)! Am I the only one best motivated by cash money?!
  • My word for 2018 is “RISE” and I am head-over-heels in love with it!

So those are the highlights… more posts to come!


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